mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Mt Baker (10,781 ft) Skin n’ Ski.

It is only an accomplishment for me because I just started skiing this year! Ha ha! So just because I skied off the Roman Wall and the rest of Baker doesn’t at all mean that those climbing up that day didn’t wonder if I was going to yardsale my possessions all over the Coleman-Deming as I dropped off the summit in sub par style pizza’ing my skis and chicken winging my arms at mach 10.  Oh yah###  Merick Mortiz. Thanks for teaching me how to ski.  I owe every chunk of chiseled granite hard fibres on my legs to you via continuous weekend warrior whippings.

Stats: Started at 12a.m. Summited at 10.30 A.M. Back to the car at 1P.m. the next day. First ones on the summit.

Sentiments: very tired.

Food of choice the whole way up: I brought 7 hamburgers from Wendy’s because my friend John Mark said when you climb long mountains, only bring food you want to eat.  Every thousand feet, I ate a hamburger.

Something Cool: Smelling sulphur and seeing its smoke is unreal and a new experience.

Scaling the Roman Headwall

Snot laden frozen faced self portraitSummit Cone 10.30A.M. April 18th.

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