mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Squamish Grand Wall [5.11-A0]

Funny because it was not something I ever thought was beyond my reach, in the most literal way.  Progression is logical, but not always apparently feasible.  So it was like this for the Grand, whose granite sweeps shadowed us every time the sea to sky brought us past her majestic grandeur.  And so we tackled her, swinging leads, and liebacking and jamming our way into oblivion.  A fall on the sword and some struggling at Perry’s made for a good reason for a future revisit. Reality was upon us via much sweat, some blood, and a Howe Sound Nut Brown to replenish. The Grand was kinder than we thought, knowing that we fear that which we do not know; the Grand now is hardly unknown nor is it a foe.


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