mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Joshua Tree

What a blessing to be back at Josh and to be surrounded by magical mounds of earth.  Newly weathered crystalline granite pebbles running under your toes on the approach.  Picking the line among many to challenge, conquer and often be conquered by.  Fire in the cam, the teeth lock tightly, cam stops pursed against the rock. Send that !@%^.  It whips across the desert, a runaway train, scattered, the wind it aimlessly wanders.  Hands tight, skin raw and wind-torn, goodnight is bid by a dramatic show of light from the sun which flies at the speed of itself on course for another part of planet earth. Reds, rouges, and rosas, is the color of the sky, my mind’s a’ blind.  A simple day at Josh, that which He hath made, thank You for this day.

Warming up for the 2011 summer season with classic sends of HobbitRooF,BirdonFire,CactusFlower,SlashFace,Pope’sCrack,OverhangBypass,GunSmokeTraverse,  BritishAirways, among many others.


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