mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Canada’s Yosemite

Location: Not divulging

Benefits of not divulging: Using a secret redneck’s cabin retrofitted with wood burning stove and propane barbeque

Purpose of this post:  To photograph the groundwork necessary to become Canada’s next Ansel Adams.

Is Ansel Adams a demigod and will i never achieve equally or greater demigod status? Yes to both.

My Crappy TR: My legs are sore from yoyo’ing pristine Canadian pow and my bowels have recovered after discovering the joys of figs and then eating them in excessive amounts.

Note on Yosemite Comparison: The Anderson River Range is described by Becky as sharing, “yosemite-like topography,” but disimilar granitic quality! Our eyes were blessed to be set on this range and all her aretes looking back in fierce yet calm fashion warning, boding.  She was a sleeping beauty, our taxes via deferences paid.

Steinbok’s spectacular 2000ft Nose-Like Arete (the middle peak) can be seen by this person’s summer photo. It goes at 5-11+ 2o pitches.

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