mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Scotiabank Half-Marathon Vancouver

Dubbed the “Most Beautiful Marathon in the World,” it isn’t too surprising for presumptuous Vancouver. Laura’s dad, a running enthusiast from Colorado, bought for her birthday her first half-marathon and combined a Vancouver visit with the event.  Laura and I had probably ~3 or 4 runs each two months prior to this race, meaning we did not train and I am completely sore as I journal this.

  • It was actually beautiful though; perfect 14 degree-blue bird weather. The smell of the ocean’s salt, while running along the shore, among tall pines does in fact make this race extremely picturesque and running into the city to finish in Stanley park was even better.
  • The sounds of thousands of feet running in mish-mash unison is something to behold
  • Laura finished the 21 KM’s in 1:49:30 and I in 1:44:19; Louis brought in the rear with a strong 2:09!
  • Having never run a half or even trained for one, Laura and I were excited to post below 2:00hr times and Laura was even 32 place out of 230 girls in her age class!  Not withstanding the course being more downhill than uphill, which may have contributed to those times, it was good for our esteems nonetheless.
  • What I learned is the pre-post races are extremely fun, and the mental work of running is comparable to mind games mid mountain.
The remaining day after consisted of ocean swimming, ferry riding, and bike riding on the sunshine coast, plus a plethora of Canadian brews with good friends who are all uber-laughable.

A heavenly duo these two:

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