mountain therapy….. for the most part.

Chianti Spire – Rebel Yell/East Face, WA. [5.10] (8400′)



The mountain I didn’t summit!!!!!!! What a despicable shame! And now I’m spraying online like I’m some champion of sorts; just ridiculous if you ask me.

Of all my favorite fruits; plumbs aren’t there.
Of all my favorite lines, it’s got to be plumb.

Next to you lovers of the Alpine; my experience runs thin.
Taking the previous statement into account, is it so bad that
I am enamored with this line and that I am about to say…
One of my favorite lines in the North Cascades!!!!!

One piece of advice – go climb it!

A piece of observation, not tied to the first piece of advice.
It had a finger crack. A chimney. A overhanging hand crack (thin hands + fat hands + perfect hands) and the crack that splits the headwall? A Delicious Offwidth! MMMMMMMMM

So what more can I say to add to any trip report prior.
How can I add value?

There is some snow at the base of which you have to surmount.
Secondly, people say that first chimney is well protected with small pieces.
I ran it out like 15 meters, and all these years I thought I was a CAM technician.
I must have been blinded by the white snow, and/or too impatient to fight the Offwidth above.

Then after I fought the Offwidth – the party below us gave me a big cheer.  One guy’s name was Brad and the other guy I forgot – (HE LOOKS AND CLIMBS LIKE PETER CROFT) (wait, was it Croft?) (nah, couldn’t be.)

Got to the summit and didn’t REALIZE that the actual summit was the half-a-kitchen-table 15 feet off the deck.  I considered climbing up to check it out but didn’t want since I was kind of tired having run out of Twizzlers half way through the climb.  Also I didn’t want to down climb it.  Later we were told that there was an old bolt you could rap of at the top??!!?   I TOTALLY COULD’VE DONE IT. (As I write I’m at that warm coffee shop ‘Woods’ next to Boulevard Park in Bellingham, two weeks after the climb, having not climbed since, which explains my current delusion)

We rappelled down and ran into the guys of whom were super cool.
They gave us a present of a 7 second time-lapse of our life, which I’ve attached.
Thanks to Laura, Brad, and this fourth friend who I feel terrible for not remembering his name. If anyone knows his name, PLEASE SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE.

And thanks to all of you for letting me not take myself very seriously.



Actual Peter – Not the “fourth” guy!


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