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Mount Sir Donald – Northwest Ridge – III 5.4 – 10 774′

Anyone who has ever driven up to Roger’s pass on a good day has seen this mountain and has probably said to themselves, “WHAT IS THAT PIECE OF GLORY !?!?!!”

And if you haven’t, and you want to see the Matterhorn of Canada, you ought to do yourself a favor by a) driving up there b) and be able to climb heaps of 5.4 proficiently so that you don’t leave not having become intimate with the beauty.  This 50 Crowded Classic is worth all the trouble in the world to scramble up.  The position is tremendous & the stone, precious.  In fact, this route is more infinitely bliss than Mt Garfield could ever provide.

We simuled the whole thing in 3 hours.. the rappels were tedious.

It would be a great one to solo, though I think it would be quite scary. I don’t think I would ever do it anyways.

A photo of the Northwest RIdge from the Internet.

A picture of Sir Donald I took from Roger’s pass in the winter.

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