mountain therapy….. for the most part.

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Linking Exasperator is the only way it ought to be done. Clearly.

A beautiful poem written by Laura Burkhardt, (one of the best writers I know) about Clean Crack:

It arches right

He stretches in preparation
His slim body arches right too

The rock is complex
At first glance blank walls appear smooth and slick
A closer look and millions of crystals jump out

His brown skin wraps around toned muscles
He too seems smooth
But scabs, scars, and pores
Jump forth

The climb begins
Human meets stone and they become one
Muscles bulge
Tension carries him upward
Toes find the crystals
And stable his 135 pound body
With precision legs extend
And calloused fingers slide into the next lock

The dance continues
Silence resounds
Save for the clanging of cams, as he shoots them into the ridged crack like pistons
The cams are not stone, not human, they are not natural
Bright red, blue, yellow, orange, and green decorate the crack
like ornaments hanging on a Christmas tree
They look silly
The stone and the boy though-
They are elegant and continue together till they reach the top
As if it was achieved in one peaceful motion
In one gracious and effortless movement


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