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LinkUP – Millenium Falcon to Bellygood / Grand Wall (5.11a)


Starting late in the day @ 10a.m. we wandered up Millenium planning to do the whole route. Still recovering from Slesse, we took our time.  The plan was that I would take the first block, Jon the second.  On the fourth pitch, the clouds still covering the top of the chief, and the friction excellent, he asks if I want to do the Grand Wall.  I seem perplexed that we would have to strain so much on such a relaxing day.  He throws in the ‘let’s end the season strong,’ and the fire in my eyes is nothing compared to my upturned GRIN.  I say to Jon, “Millenium is MY BLOCK, Grand is YOUR BLOCK.”  I proceed to FREE the rest of the climb. and Jon f’n Effa smooth like butter frees the rest of the G-wall without a hitch, not even Perry’s was a problem.  We call er’ a day 9 hours later @ the top of G-wall as the sun sets on another ineffable day.  I never thought I’d be able to climb what I climb, how I climb, which leads me to tell everyone else: You also can do it!


No Camera for the G-wall! Fast and light, doing the G- wall in less than 4 hours. Only pics of my block.

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